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Should You Make PSV Game Backups?

psv romDo you own a Sony Playstation Portable or PSV? If so then you are probably wondering if there is a way for you to make PSV game backups so that the games that you own can be safely stowed away to prevent excessive wear and tear. Fortunately for you there is an easy way that you can create PSV game backups using your own PC.

There is a debate going on whether creating PSV copy can be considered as an act of piracy, and both sides of the argument both have valid reasons. Piracy happens when you create PSV games backups with the intent of selling them to other people for profit. But then again if you actually bought the original game and just want to make PSVita isos for your personal use then it should be okay.

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psv hacksPSV rom backups are essentially image files that are waiting to be burned onto a blank disk, it's pretty much the same as when you copy a music CD onto your computer. The PSV game roms can either be in ISO or CSO format, both of which works well. You can create these PS Vita game backups using your computer and a simple program that copies the disc image of the game UMD and save it in the hard drive.

Now if you have a disc image ready you are ready to start using it on your PSV. Now there are two choices on how you can use your PS Vita game backups; you either burn the image file on a blank UMD, or you can play it directly from your PSV's memory stick using a homebrew program. The latter choice is by far the most popular one.

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